5 reasons to love our biodegradable glitter

We love our gorgeous biodegradable glitter. Here's five reasons why you should love it too!

1. It’s truly Biodegradable. Our BioglitterTM is certified to be biodegradable in waste water, as well as being home compostable. This means it will genuinely break down when it enters the natural world. This differs from regular glitter, which is made from plastic and will pretty much exist for ever.

2. It’s made from plants. Our glitter is made from a film that comes from responsibly sourced eucalyptus trees. It is renewable, sustainable and beautifully planet friendly.

3. It’s cruelty free. We abhor animal testing, so absolutely everything we sell is cruelty free. And it’s GM free too, in case you were wondering.

4. It’s cosmetic grade. All our glitters are cosmetic grade, which means they’re suitable for glitter tattoos and facepaint, as well as bath bombs, soaps and bubble baths. It’s also perfect for wax melts, candles, resin art and other craft projects. It’s 100% allergen free so no nasty reactions to worry about.

5. It’s just as gorgeous, colourful and sparkly as regular glitter. We’ve got a huge range of beautiful colours and mixes, which are indistinguishable from regular plastic glitter (except that ours is softer to the touch). But no plastic, so no guilty conscience. Guilt free glitter, what could be better!

To get yours, just head over to our sparkle shop and check out our huge range of gorgeous glitters!

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