Just Three Words

This week I set myself the task of finding the three words that best describe Sparkle Town. Sounds like a simple task, right? But in reality it was surprisingly hard. Eventually I decided on Sparkly, Ethical and Friendly. But there are so many more as well! What about colourful, small, supportive, responsible, positive, helpful, eco-friendly, cheerful, creative, quality, sustainable, the list goes on! I think it’s an important thing to do, to help you reassess your business and its purpose from time to time, but also important to keep in touch with all those other lovely descriptive words that didn’t quite make the top 3. We’re all such complicated beings, our businesses included and it’s a lovely exercise to write down all the positive words that make your business what it is!

So that’s exactly what I did. I asked the question across my social media and it was so interesting to see everyone’s answers. I was delighted to find that the word used most by our lovely small business customers to describe themselves was Eco Friendly. Making the right choices for our planet is super important to me, and I think this is something that is becoming more and more important to consumers. Businesses that are recognising this are giving themselves a great marketing tool to bring in the growing customer base that are looking for planet friendly choices. It’s a win-win situation really!

So if you haven’t already, I’d definitely encourage you to try writing down three words that sum up your business. And even more importantly, if you’re not already offering eco-friendly products to your customers, now is the time! If this little exercise tells us anything it’s that more and more businesses are recognising the need to be planet conscious, both for their own sense of wellbeing and to satisfy the needs of their customers. 

Josie x

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