Kindness in Business

One thing that always plays on my mind and seems to be overlooked a lot is this: it’s perfectly possible to be in business and be kind. Not just possible, but every business should be encouraged to incorporate kindness and wellbeing into their practices, policies and day to day activities.  

Sadly, I hear too often ‘well, that’s business’ when a big corporation has behaved badly, that somehow that makes it perfectly fine to treat people or our planet badly. But I believe there’s just no need for it. For me, being in business means projecting myself into my work, it means treating people with the kindness and respect that I would use if I met them in my personal life. It means reaching out to help people in whatever way I can. Last week I donated 100% of Friday’s profits to Choose Love’s Ukraine appeal, I didn’t make any money out of it (obviously), it was just the right thing to do. Today I am taking some of our clothes and toys to the Ukraine appeal in our town. That’s me being the same person in my business as I am in the outside world. It’s not hard.  

Treating everyone with kindness is the way forward, in business and in life. Imagine how awesome the world would be if we all did just that?

© March 2022. Josephine Boulter.

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