Love Your Planet

Love your planet: that’s our ethos. But what does that really mean? To us it means so much more than it might seem.

It goes without saying that it means protecting our environment. Preserving our beautiful planet is hugely important to us, from the amazing landscape to the wildlife that we share our space with, we have to look after what we’ve got and everyone can do their bit to help: however big or small there’s always something you can do to make a difference. 

It also includes the human inhabitants of our wonderful planet. On a grand scale, there are so many people that need our support and compassion right now, both through financial aid and through us offering kindness and an open heart when we meet them. On a more local level, it’s about treating the people we encounter day to day with warmth and respect. You can make such a difference to someone’s day with a small act of kindness. 

But what we often forget is that loving our planet can be about enjoyment too. The Earth is a stunningly beautiful place and should be celebrated. Taking some time out of our busy lives to sit back and enjoy the gorgeous things that make up our planet is so worthwhile on so many levels, not least because our own happiness is important too. 

It’s so fundamentally necessary that we all do our bit to look after the beautiful planet we find ourselves on. Plants, wildlife and the ever changing landscape all need our help right now; humans need our compassion. But all this can be done while celebrating and appreciating what we have. In fact it should be encouraged, if we all love and enjoy the beauty of planet earth it’ll be so much easier for us to nurture and protect it! 

© March 2022. Josephine Boulter.

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