NEW new!

It’s always exciting launching new glitter mixes, but the ones I’ve been working on recently are that bit more exciting because they’re NEW new. That is to say, we’ve never done a range like this before. We’ve been mixing our beautiful bioglitters together to make new and wonderful colour combinations for years, with over forty mixes in our range, but we’ve never done one dedicated entirely to our ultrafine glitters.

Our ultrafine single colours are super popular, they’re so vibrant and sparkly, so we decided it was time to create a range of ultrafine mixes. We wanted to base this on our already bestselling range of glitter mixes, so we worked through 18 different combos to find our 6 best mixes in ultrafine. 

And they’re here! We’re just putting the finishing touches to the photography and product listings and they should be ready for your perusal next week! 

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